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  • Adding value to the transit pipe

    Adding value to the transit pipe
    01:03 | Wednesday, 19/10/11

    Internet traffic is booming across the globe to the point where, according to the latest Visual Networking Index from Cisco Systems, usage in 2010 worked out to 2GB per capita worldwide. Cisco says that will reach 9GB in 2015, by which time we'll be seeing 81 exabytes worth of IP traffic a month, compared to 20EB last year (a CAGR of 32%).

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  • LTE fuels interest in IP exchange

    LTE fuels interest in IP exchange
    11:57 | Thursday, 11/08/11

    Operators are starting to prick up their ears at mention of IP exchange (IPX), as IP core networks become the norm and looming mass market LTE services make adoption of the GSM Association-defined traffic exchange mechanism a more urgent concern. However, carriers say more clarity over what constitutes an IPX network and the service-level-agreements that underpin them is needed before the market can truly take off.

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  • At home in the cloud

    At home in the cloud
    12:57 | Thursday, 11/08/11

    As fixed and wireless broadband proliferate across the globe and the hunger for web and video content escalates, home networking is becoming an increasingly vital component of the broadband saga. This is especially true as more and more consumer electronics ship IP-ready and consumers become increasingly used to accessing the web by more than just a desktop PC at home or in the office.

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  • IPv6 extension headers causing headaches

    IPv6 extension headers causing headaches
    11:54 | Monday, 08/08/11

    There are a lot of similarities between IPv4 and IPv6. There are also a lot of differences, including some differences that may have security implications for network engineers who deploy IPv6. Network and security engineers may want to pay closer attention to IPv6 extension headers.

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